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We Are All Rats

The Peacemakers (2014)

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The artist evokes, through this work, his worries as to the relevance of our electoral choices influenced by certain anxious media advertisements to the detriment of a speech of substance.

This sculpture highlights the inconsistency of our views for a petition whose signatories remain anonymous as some shameful voters might be. The signatures sound more like a slogan and denounce the uncertain adherence of anxious voters ready to rally to a political party with dubious arguments.



Chris Tiboise is a Pop artist born in 1974 in Paris.


He spent much of his childhood pacing the Paris subway between Stalingrad and Saint Germain des Prés where he forged an artistic culture inpired by the Hip Hop movement and what would later be called the Bobo Chic culture of the Latin quarter. It was on arriving in Nice in 1989 that he embrased the idea that "Everything is Art" as claimed by a certain School in Nice. From that point, his interest in art heavily influenced all choices of orientation... He started a training course in a graphic art school, before moving on to cinematographic studies, a professional experience of assistant operator that will last 10 years which will mark an imprint often inspired by the 7th Art in his artistic work. His passion quickly brought him to address all types of supports, steel, resin, concrete, wood, and incidentally photography. All these medias now allow him to express himself on everything that touches him, politics at half-mast, the human being in perdition in a world badly designed by and for himself, people and the unique thought. He claims and protests without a word other than those he puts on his works, and always in English which translates a fascination for the USA that he hardly dissimilates against the background of I love you neither ...


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